John KaweskePeople find peace of mind in different ways. For some, it’s exercise, for others it could be reading or playing an instrument. For John Kaweske, meditation has played a key role in helping him discover inner peace. He has enjoyed meditating and getting in touch with his spiritual side on a daily basis for over 15 years.

When John moved to Brazil in 2004 to start Bio Clean Energy S.A.a biodiesel energy business that produces diesel equivalent resources using natural extracts such as soy, cotton oils, and used cooking oil—he found himself with a great deal of alone time. Even though John had been recently married, being away and working in a foreign country left John with time he otherwise wouldn’t have had. This created an opportunity for inner reflection, and John wanted to fill that time with self improvement.

Every day for about an hour, John would meditate. Meditation was a way to be free of the pressures of starting and running a successful business, while also allowing him a fresh perspective after a tiresome day working at the site.

As John explains,

“While I was creating my company, meditation is what helped Bio Clean Energy come to fruition. Being able to clear my mind daily and look at everything going on with a clear head helped me see what was best for my personal life, but also for Bio Clean Energy.”

John credits his success with Bio Clean Energy largely on meditation the positive energy he put forth towards the entire process.

Even though John is spiritually devoted, he does not believe in any singular organized religion as the sole answer. Rather, he believes in spiritual truth as a universal principle. Through his meditation and spiritual experiences, John realized that the best way to live is judgment free and not label and categorize people. He believes that labeling and judging people does not let you appreciate individuals fully and skews perceptions. By living a judgment-free life as well, he is able to keep his mind clear and towards higher concerns.

John Kaweske still meditates to this day. He explains,

“I still meditate for an hour each day because it is something that is a part of me. It keeps my mind and body balanced. Without meditation, my mind would not be clear nor my plans for the future.”