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It is widely known that practicing meditation every day helps in lessening anxiety and relieving stress. Indeed, starting the day with a morning meditation can certainly set the day up for success. Meditation helps dissolve any residual anger or tension as well as any unwanted thoughts and feelings from previous days. It can help you feel calm and ready to handle the challenges of the day with absolute ease. That being said, there are many different types of meditation practices to choose from, some of which are presented in the following article.

Breathing meditation

One of the most well-known forms of meditation across a lot of countries and cultures is simple breathing meditation. In this practice, you’re required to be seated with a long spine while focusing on and observing your breathing in order to relieve stress and anxiety. You begin this practice by closing your eyes or softly gazing down and by taking a couple of deep breaths at first then going back to a natural breathing rhythm. By doing so, you bring your awareness to your breath and what parts of your body move as you breathe.

Walking meditation

A person’s morning walk can certainly become meditation with the right mindset. Walking meditation is a great way to get the body moving and ready for the day. The key difference between a regular morning walk and walking meditation is that you’re more aware of your surroundings while doing the latter. This includes the smells and sounds during the walk, how your body feels as well as what thoughts come to mind during the walk.

Meditative journaling

Using journaling as a form of meditation can be an amazing way to process feelings and thoughts as well as to keep track of your progress as you develop your meditation practice. You should take it one day at a time and try your best to be consistent, and even if you fall off track, you can always go back to journaling anytime.