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Those who often participate in meditation and incorporate meditation into their everyday lives, understand the major benefits of it. It’s no secret that meditation is known to bring peace and tranquility to the mind, body, and soul. There are many resources that offer great knowledge of meditation. To take on 2019 in the right mindset, there are amazing books on meditation to check out:

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
Written by Shunryu Suzuki’s, Zen Min, Beginner’s Mind, focusses on the beginner’s introduction to meditation. The book offers wisdom from the masters of meditation, the possibilities of the mind, and other Zen teachings.  It gives the basics on posture and breathing, as well as deep and thoughtful lessons. This book is a classic Zen reading and for all beginners looking to think seriously about meditation.

10% Happier
Dan Harris takes readers through a skeptic’s view of meditation. Harris was once a skeptic himself and shares his experience in mindfulness and meditation. Through 10% Happier, he explains how meditation, which he once thought to be useless, helped him rewrite his brain and find his happiness. Readers will be able to dive into his bizarre experiences and encounters. If you’ve ever second-guessed meditation, this is the read for you.

Mindfulness in Plain English
Don’t let the title fool you; this is not a book for beginners and meditation. For anyone truly serious about meditation, Mindfulness in Plain English is a perfect read. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana gives reader’s a guide to meditation and shows them how to have a deep reflection. The book dissects the topic of meditation to give readers a deeper understanding of the benefits and how it can change lives for the better.

Wherever You Go
In this national bestseller, Wherever You Go is the perfect modern guide to meditation and mindfulness. Author Jon Kabat-Zinn takes a lighter approach to meditation. The book offers beginners and even skeptics a guide to mindfulness. This perspective makes meditation less about being spiritual and more about self-reflection. The book is very welcoming to all levels of meditators and offers a new way of viewing meditation.

Making Space
Written by Thich Nhat Hanh, the novel is a short read that makes an incredible impact on readers. Hanh makes a simple breakdown of mindfulness and meditation. Making Space shows readers how to create the best home meditation practice. It offers great creative practices gives mediation practices that go beyond sitting down in quiet reflection. This is a great read for beginners just getting into practicing meditation.

About The Author
John Kaweske is an Entrepreneur and Biodiesel Expert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While building Bio Clean Energy in 2004, John found himself with a lot of extra time, which ultimately led to him discovering meditation. Today, John Kaweske practices daily meditation, and manages a monthly blog outlining the latest in meditation and mindfulness. 

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