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Meditation has the power to change lives. There are several types of meditation. Some involve prayer beads. Others rely heavily on a mind-body connection, tracking breaths and other body cues. Still, others are physically intensive, like walking meditation or hatha yoga. Meditation can be practiced anywhere, but for many people, a getaway helps provide the right frame of mind for effective, life-changing meditation. There are excellent meditation centers that can be found around the world.

One of the best-loved meditation retreats in the world is located in the Himalayas. Known as Ananda, this facility sits at 3,000 feet above sea level. It’s home to several yoga pavilions. There’s also a 21,000 square foot spa on the premises. Yogic breathing and types of Buddhist meditation are on offer here. Ananda was originally a mansion, home to the Maharajah of Tehri-Garhwal. It’s a lavish setting for seekers today.

The Insight Spiritual Society is a famous spiritual retreat located in the Northeastern US. It’s a great place to recharge and recuperate from the challenges of modern life. Founded on the grounds of an old mansion in Barre, Massachusetts, this center offers short- and long-term spirituality programming. The Central Massachusetts countryside is a quiet, peaceful escape for people who are seeking to connect with the world better and in a healthier way. Concepts like vipassana and metta are important in the program. Both are borrowed from Mahayana Buddhism.

The Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado is another highly rated US spiritual retreat center. It’s located on 600 acres of beautiful mountain wilderness near Red Feather Lakes. There are over 100 courses presented at Shambhala annually. Individuals can attend on a long- or short-term basis. There are specialty programs at Shambhala, including ones geared to writers and artists. In addition to serving adults, there are also classes for children.

The Dhammakaya Movement started in the 1970s is still growing fast today. Its teachings about finding inner peace resonate with people. The spiritual retreat at Loei, Thailand, offers a spirituality grounded in Dhammakaya. There are indoor and outdoor spaces used for meditation. There are also gardens and grounds available for personal reflection. The retreat at Loei is a lush and relaxing place for people to connect with the ultimate.

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John Kaweske is an Entrepreneur and Biodiesel Expert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While building Bio Clean Energy in 2004, John found himself with a lot of extra time, which ultimately led to him discovering meditation. Today, John Kaweske practices daily meditation, and manages a monthly blog outlining the latest in meditation and mindfulness. 

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