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Many new meditators start believing that meditation will immediately make them feel better. They expect it to be a quick fix, like taking a pain reliever. While some people can start feeling the benefits of meditation immediately, most teachers say it is not enough to start. They say that it is important for everyone to practice meditation regularly to reap its full benefits.

For new meditators, it is important to start with a month of meditation, then review the pros and cons of the practice. Even if you are already tempted to give up, continue to practice for at least five minutes a day. It can help you achieve various benefits.

Short-term effects and long-term benefits

After a few weeks, the effects of meditation can be apparent. One of the most noticeable changes is a calmer and more stable mind. As you practice focusing on a specific object, such as the breath, you can gradually learn how to keep yourself focused. This will help you avoid getting distracted and, eventually, get rid of the thoughts that keep you awake.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about automatically transforming ourselves into Super Meditators. Instead, it is about accepting ourselves and our function. The benefits of meditation can be seen in the back door. For instance, after a few weeks, people may notice that their mood has changed, and they no longer react to negativity as quickly. They may also see that the practice has changed their behavior. It is then that they realize that the benefits of meditation are being incorporated into their psyche.

The psychological effects of meditation can be apparent immediately, such as improvements in one’s focus and clarity. But long-term effects can also be seen. These include a reduction in stress levels and a decrease in negative thoughts.

When will meditation work?

The initial stages of meditation can be frustrating, as the mind can wander, and the slightest disturbance can cause us to get off track. But once we realize that it is a lifelong practice, it can be easy to start enjoying the benefits of meditation.

After a while, we can start to enjoy the benefits of meditation, as it can help us identify with the present moment. According to Lama Jampa Thaye, meditation can help us connect with ourselves and find a space of peace and self-awareness.

In addition to the psychological effects, meditation can also have physical benefits. It can help people relieve stress and improve their physical health.

  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Reduced levels of tension and stress
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased energy and stamina

After years of practice, it can also benefit one’s physical health. For instance, it can help improve one’s circulation and reduce stress. Experts recommend starting with five minutes of meditation and gradually increasing the duration of the practice. The most important thing about this practice is that it is about being consistent. 

Apart from its psychological effects, meditation also has emotional benefits. It can provide one with a sense of well-being and peace.

  • Happiness
  • Calm
  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Enhanced wellbeing

We all have unique notions about what it means to practice meditation, and each of us has our expectations about how it will benefit us. For some, it may be a short-term practice, while for others, it may be a long-term goal. For many people, the emotional benefits of meditation can include a feeling of self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness.