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Recent research about the effects of living in a more challenging world has shown that finding the time each day to work through anxiety, emotional upheaval, and work-related stress leads to a healthier outlook and can lower blood pressure. Creating a dedicated space at home to meditate the negativity away is a good place to start a more mindful journey.

Less is Best

Whether an area is spacious or on the smaller side, it needs to be free of clutter. Psychologically, a space that has minimal things creates a greater capacity to focus and relax during meditation. A corner can work just as well as any other dedicated space. It only needs to have a mat, soft rug, or soft pillow large enough to sit on, and a focal point such as a Buddha statue, a painting, or a candle.

Make a distraction-free space

Meditation should be personal time spent with your own thoughts and not meant for other distractions. Set a reminder to practice meditation, preferably at the same time each day so that not only is it a reminder to turn off a cell phone and walk away from the computer, but it is also a way to train those around you that it is your time alone in the meditation space, They must also now be on silent mode and leave you to your meditating.

Create a soothing environment

The more subtle the atmosphere within the meditation space, the easier it will be to get into a mindful state. Several ways to create the perfect meditative aura are as follows:

  • Avoid brightly colored paint and wallpaper as it tends to create anxiousness instead of relaxation
  • Remove bright bulbs and replace them with dimmer switches
  • If there are sheer curtains include shades in case of direct sunlight that could make the room uncomfortable hot and distracting
  • Try to incorporate nature with a window facing trees or other plants—avoid facing traffic or other stress-inducing views
  • Add a small waterfall display, flower garden, or soothing “breathing” app
  • Use aromatherapy fragrances that help with relaxation such as lavender, sage, and jasmine

Creating a meditation space in your home that incorporates all of these characteristics is a major step towards a more mindful means of relieving the tensions of daily life and a healthy way of having some time to yourself each day to regroup and re-energize your mind.