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Life can throw all sorts of stressors at a person, making it difficult to peacefully get through the day. Sometimes, meditation is the only way to pick yourself up—but what if your schedule is too packed on a daily basis? 

Fitting meditation into your lifestyle can be a challenge for full-time parents and professionals. As life throws us stressors, it becomes difficult to find a quiet moment for reflection. Here are some tips for working meditation into your daily schedule without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged.

Turn Chores into Meditation

Any chore can become a meditation if it’s done with focus. Learn to breathe as you’re watering plants or scrubbing pans. Learn to delight in how sink water runs over your fingers as you clean the dishes after lunch, or focus on the steady tempo of a broom sweeping across your hardwood flooring. Explore everyday mundane tasks with a new perspective, and you might surprise yourself.

Wake Up Half an Hour Earlier

If you know that your day is going to be long and full of meetings and other events, set your alarm to wake you up half an hour earlier. Deep meditation at the beginning of your day sets your mood so that you can find the same peace later when you’re away at work or home with rowdy kids. If you can’t find a quiet moment in your normal day-to-day routine, it’s time to switch things up.

Take a Morning Walk

If you do choose to wake up half an hour earlier and other housemates are up, or if you just can’t take the time to awaken earlier than you already do for your usual routine, go for an early walk and meditate as the sun is coming up. The simple act of counting your steps sets a comforting rhythm, reminding you that you are alive. Solitary walks as meditation remind us that we are all going down the path of life at the pace that suits us; we only need to find it. For those with busy schedules, a morning walk combines meditation with fitness and wellness in an authentic way. 


Meditation does not need to look like the complicated yoga poses that you might stumble over on the Internet. It can be different for every person: a moment of silence stolen in the sunny corner of the bedroom, or a venture onto the deck in between chores. Find what is right for you and your schedule; soon, you will not be afraid of life’s potential surprises.

John Kaweske of Colorado Springs is a biodiesel fuel and technology expert. As President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., he draws from 20 years of professional experience to offer valuable insight into the industry. When he isn’t working on clean energy efforts, he’s spending time with his family and practicing daily meditation