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Everyone is dealing with some sort of stress nowadays. The seasons are changing, the days have become shorter, and everyone is struggling to deal with the ongoing pandemic. When you add these factors in with the regular issues life throws out, such as bills, work, family, and other responsibilities, it is no wonder that most people are extremely stressed out pretty much every day. It seems like there is new stress at every corner sometimes.


This is why taking some time for self-care should an extremely important part of everyday life. While there are all types of self-care that will work for different people, mindfulness is one thing everyone should have on their daily to-do list. If you are new to meditation or just short on the time you can dedicate to it, consider this quick mindfulness exercise. It was developed by the founder of 3rd Ritual, Jenn Tardif, and it will only take up three minutes of the day. It is guaranteed to make a person feel calmer and lighter, as well as more mindful, as they continue on their day. Who doesn’t have three minutes to practice a ritual that will bring them more peace and happiness?


This particular meditation is an easy one that anyone can do. The first part of the meditation is simple- just find a comfortable seat to sit in. Tardif encourages users to drop into their bodies while breathing deeply, then letting go. The outcome will be the release of tension in the body. It is also meant to invite kindness and compassion into a person, which can then be used throughout the rest of the day. The three-minute meditation is on Soundcloud and is free for everyone to use.


Everyone is dealing with some type of stress during these uncertain times. One of the best practices anyone can learn is how to let go of the many things that cannot be controlled. By practicing mindfulness exercises and daily meditations, anyone can condition their body to release the stress they are feeling while cultivating a wonderful sense of peace, a feeling most people could use right about now. With this easy three-minute meditation, everyone can start their day feeling a whole lot better about their place in the world.