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In today’s culture, the average work day does not consist of the 9-5 anymore. The constant flow of emails and messaging on smart phones and tablets is increasing stress and anxiety in more and more people. The 40-hour week is now beginning to stretch to 60-hours a week. This stress and anxiety has helped researchers at John Hopkins University develop new tactics for this stress relief. After extensive studies meditation was the answer for these new problems.

Many folks believe meditation is a complex method which takes years to master but the truth is, simple meditation can go a long way. Even five minutes a day or clearing the mind and focusing on deep breathing. Even short five minute stints a day can go a long way in terms of relieving stress and anxiety.

Here are a few tips you can follow which are basic but go a long way when looking to relax. To start, keeping everything simple is key. For example, sitting crosslegged where muscles are being strained is not ideal, sitting in a comfortable posture where you can focus on deep breathing and clearing the mind is most important.

Also, practicing meditation in the morning is a fantastic way to set the expectations of the day and clear your mind at the same time. Starting the day with a mind clearing meditation session can change the outcome of days and improve reduce stress.

Last tip is to understand that meditation is not about erasing thoughts but to rather disconnect from all thoughts for the time being in order to focus on the task at hand.

John Kaweske, Colorado resident, has been meditating for years. He finds that the practice helps him with his focus and ability to lead his entrepreneurial ventures. To learn more about his career in renewable energy, please visit his main website.