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Starting anything new can always be tough and intimidating. Remember your first day of high school? How scary that probably was, but eventually you learned some tricks of the trade to get you by day to day. Getting use to little things like working out and even meditation can be scary. Not knowing if you are doing is working or are performing correctly. Let’s focus on meditation and some simple tips to get beginners on the right path of mediation.

1. Habit

With anything to be done, it is important to make a habit. Making sure you are taking time out of a busy schedule to meditate. There is no reason to skip any days if you make it a habit daily.

2. Time

Time is of upmost importance when meditating. Making sure there are zero distractions around and being able to focus and clear your mind. A great meditation session comes when there are no distractions or children running around, just to name an example. If you only plan to meditate for ten minutes, make sure those ten minutes count.

3. Size

To piggyback of tip #2, if you are only meditating for a certain amount, make that amount count. Unlike stories heard in the past, meditate to what works best for your schedule, no matter how long or short it may be. As long as the time allotted to meditating is truly focused. There is no need to force yourself to meditate if you cannot truly lose yourself in deep thought and breathing.

4. Position

Unlike to pictures you may see, to meditate you do not have to sit in pretzel style. Although, this position helps most people focus, it is important to sit in a comfortable position which best suites your needs. Even if that means laying down on your back or doing a handstand. Whatever is most comfortable.

5. Breath

Most important tip is breathing. Deep, long breaths are key to relaxation. Many may not notice, but throughout everyday, not many focus on their breathes. Taking time to focus on this important aspect of your life can show changes in a very short amount of time.

John Kaweske, Colorado resident, has been meditating for years. He finds that the practice helps him with his focus and ability to lead his entrepreneurial ventures. To learn more about his career in renewable energy, please visit his main website.