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A meditation technique helps people focus on themselves and their thoughts. It’s been practiced in various cultures to enhance one’s spiritual awareness.

Over time, people have started to focus more on the benefits of meditation for their mental and physical health. Although it can provide short- and long-term benefits, it can be hard to start practicing it because it’s not always easy to understand.

Having an app or guide that can help you practice meditation can help alleviate some of the stress.

One of the most common reasons people practice meditation is to reduce their stress levels. According to a 2014 study, it can help lower psychological stress and improve overall well-being.

I chose these apps as the best meditation tools of the year due to their reliability, quality, and reviews. You can start with a simple deep breathing practice and follow a guided meditation.

Various meditation apps are available, and you can choose one that suits your needs and budget. Search for an app that has special features, such as the ability to connect with Apple Watch.



The app allows you to connect with a personal coach who can help you practice meditation for five minutes daily. It also has a variety of inspirational talks and masterclasses led by Lynn Goldberg, a mindfulness coach. The app’s sleep music playlists and bedtime readings can help you fall asleep quickly.



Headspace’s various meditation techniques can help you find balance and relaxation. Before sleeping, try out their new sleep casts, which feature music, stories, and nature sounds. The app also lets you create personalized plans based on your input.



The Calm app is an award-winning meditation tool with various breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. It also has a kids’ section that’s designed for kids. Its Sleep Stories feature features a variety of voices, including those of actors such as Jerome Flynn and Matthew McConaughey. With the help of your Apple Watch, you can access these and other calming exercises and meditation techniques.



The buddhify app has over 200 meditation techniques to help you manage stress, lower anxiety, and improve sleep. It also has various categories of exercises that are suitable for different activities, such as waking up, working, or scrolling online. These sessions can range from around three to 40 minutes.



If you’re an experimenter, consider varying the breathing intervals, durations, and cycles of breathing in your meditation practice. With the help of the app, you can easily set the length of your session and the amount of each technique you want to use.