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Practicing meditation can help you improve your sleep routine, increase your awareness of your surroundings, and calm yourself down. A podcast can feature a variety of speakers and guided meditation sessions, as well as other elements such as interviews. These discussions are usually focused on the aspects of well-being and mindfulness. Various meditation podcasts can help you learn more about the practice.

We tried to ensure that the best meditation podcasts feature various topics and formats and should have great reviews. To ensure they are properly formatted, we included a wide range of topics and guests, such as guided meditation sessions and expert interviews.

We tried to find a podcast that caters to everyone, from creative types to parents looking for more sleep. This audio series lets you learn more about meditation and join guided sessions.


Natural Meditation

In each episode of Natural Meditation, host Stephan Wormland offers a gentle guided meditation that can help you understand the practice. He is a former Buddhist monk trained in Gestalt therapy, which focuses on the unresolved conflicts that can affect a person’s emotional health. He also holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

The Natural Meditation podcast is a combination of the host’s extensive experience and his Buddhist training. He also brings his Western psychology expertise to the table, making it an ideal resource for people new to meditation or needing help understanding it.


Meditation Minis

If you’re a new meditator or are simply looking for a 5-minute break, then “Meditation Minis” can help you. It has 4.8 stars out of 3,200 Apple podcast listeners.

 Chel Hamilton is a hypnosis expert who leads people through quick guided meditation sessions using various techniques. The goal of this award-winning program is to help people reduce stress and anxiety, as well as boost their confidence.

Each episode of the “Meditation Minis” podcast is about 5 to 12 minutes long and can easily fit into your schedule. This is ideal for people who are new to the practice or are simply learning about it.


Tara Brach Podcast

The Tara Brach podcast is loved around the world. The host offers a wide variety of spiritual conversations, guided meditation, and ancient practices combined with modern psychology. Each episode features deep wisdom and is designed to help people find their inner guidance.

The goal of the Tara Brach podcast is to help people find their inner guidance, and it features various topics suitable for spiritual explorers.


10 Percent Happier

Dan Harris, a former anchor for the Good Morning America television program, is the host of the meditation podcast. Despite his non-believer status, he became a fan of the practice after suffering a panic attack on camera.

Harris is a respected voice in the field of meditation, and he hosts a variety of guests who share their insights on the science and psychology behind the practice. He also provides a clear and straightforward take on the art of self-awareness. He regularly draws the attention of skeptics and fence-sitters and sometimes even nudges others to improve their practices.


The Mindful Minute

Getting people to practice meditation consistently can be challenging, especially since it can be hard to maintain a steady practice. In “The Mindful Minute,” Harris provides short episodes to help busy people continue their practice.

The creator of “The Mindful Minute,” Meryl Arnett, wanted to make meditation more accessible to everyone. With this podcast, you can choose to experience a 10-minute or a 30-minute class.