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Following a daily meditation habit can be challenging, but keeping up with one during vacation is even harder. For many, meditation falls to the wayside whenever life presents change. But isn’t meditation meant to awaken the mind to all of the beauty in the present? Travelling can provide an opportunity to take meditative practices to a profound yet practical level by encouraging inventiveness and self-discipline.

The Importance of Keeping Up With Routine

Meditation might feel like something better left at home, but you can practice it anywhere. Though it’s nice to have a designated location and period each day committed to de-stressing and restoring balance,

meditation routines don’t have to occur at any one time or place.

While traveling, it’s tempting to forgo routine in favor of latching onto whatever you see or experience at that moment. However, to fully enjoy the peace and relaxation that vacation offers, meditation should always be on the itinerary.

Finding the Right Time

Although your schedule may be different every day when you’re traveling, it’s likely that you’ll always have the early morning or nighttime to meditate. Wake up and take in the sunrise, or use meditation as a way to come down from the events of the day and drift off into a state of tranquility. Find times that present the least distraction; a commitment to meditating can even encourage waking up early rather than sleeping in, which offers the chance to enjoy peace and stillness before the day’s events.

Embrace Alternative Forms of Meditation

A full session of meditation might not be practical, especially for those with packed schedules or professionals traveling for business. Still, that doesn’t make meditation impossible. Introduce mindfulness into every aspect of the trip; eat slowly and savor the taste and texture of the local cuisine; hone in on the new sounds and sights of life in a new place. Even walking meditation can be an effective way to immerse yourself in your travel experience without losing balance and gratitude.

Meditation is something that should enhance every aspect of life; travel might change the way you meditate, but it can also bring a sense of revitalization that is just as refreshing as the trip itself.

John Kaweske of Colorado Springs is a biodiesel fuel and technology expert. As President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., he draws from 20 years of professional experience to offer valuable insight into the industry. When he isn’t working on clean energy efforts, he’s spending time with his family and practicing daily meditation